Who We ARE

Innovchem company is specialized in innovative sample preparations and decontamination solutions.

The team

Jean-Marie Casanova

CEO & Sales Manager

Jean-Christophe Garrigues

Scientific Manager

Jean-Noël Ollagnier

General Manager

Valentin Jullien

Account Manager

Innovchem develops a new approach consisting in a hybrid SOLICORE™ sorbent to get benefits from the principles of both LLE and SPE.
ACTIVIAL™, our signature product, with the new SOLICORE™ sorbent is available in different configurations: 2mL vials, vials with 300µL inserts, deepweels, microplates, swabs.
It’s compatible with HPLC, U-HPLC, GC and SFC analytical systems.
ACTIVIAL™ is designed to be an alternative or complementary solution to the current extraction methods such as LLE and SPE. Innovative and Easy to use, ACTIVIAL™ offers one-step extraction with increased productivity, safety, value as no need of extraction solvents and it's a real Green Chemistry process.
Today, our range of activated supports consists of:

  • 2 mL Vials for HPLC and GC (15µL of SOLICORE™)
  • 2 mL Vials with 300 μl insert (5 µL of SOLICORE™)
  • 2mL Vials with conical bottom (5µL of SOLICORE™)
  • 1,2 mL Deepweel (5 µL of SOLICORE™)
  • microplates (5µL of SOLICORE™)
  • Swabs (15 µL of SOLICORE™)

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