Our scientific expertise cover experimentation and often generate multiple information difficult to extract. Our company can help you to optimize your decisions.

We can realize quantitative analyzes of your data with statistical tools in order to extract useful information.
Our expertise covers from a simple analytic demand to an optimization and modelisation tailored to your needs. Our analitical capabities cover all standard methods : HPLC ,GC, RMN,GCMS, LCMS, micoscopy,DSC...
On a simple request, our international expert answers as soon as possible about feasibility and suggests the best solution to your problem. Our world class expert provides you with a better data insight for a faster and more effective decision making for your business.
Examples : QSAR, QSRR, QSPR, Artificial Neural network, experimental design, DFT...

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In silico method

In Silico Method formula
Experimental design

In Silico Method transfert function and retention time

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